Social Standards 

Vic Progressive Diamond Drilling Inc. is committed to carry out its work in the safest, most ethical, and environmentally friendly way possible. All laws and regulations shall be abided by and all employees will continue to operate in a safe and ethical manner. We respect cultural differences and tailor the service experience to meet their needs. Adopting higher safety, environmental, and social standards is a paramount component of corporate social responsibility.

Social ResponsibilityWe at VPDD are committed to implementing E3 (Environmental Excellence in Exploration) guidelines wherever business is completed. By adopting E3 principles, VPDD believes our industry will continue to flourish and access to new markets for future exploration.

Community Sponsors

We are proud supporters of local sports and charities in our community and the communities we visit. Donations and sponsorships are made to help facilitate events and foster positive environments. Our goal is to enable kids to attend sporting events and charity development.

Local Resident Hires

VPDDis also committed to working with local communities in order to establish a mutual level of trust through open and honest communication. Our social and environmentally conscious behaviour will lessen opposition to the potential cooperation with local resources. By hiring and training local residents and buying from local suppliers, our company benefit the community and develop a good working environment based on mutual aid.